With the emerging need of energy management, we have developed an energy metering and monitoring system that does not only meter the installed facility, the system also collects and avails this data to a preferred online platform for easy access. Combining the legacy energy metering technology with IoT , Lectrotel offers internet based energy metering that is accessible and readable from the convenience of any office desk or hand held device.

Product Brief

We have a unique product that can help offer electrical energy audit services. Our product is essentially an online based electrical energy logger which when installed in a customer’s premises allows energy consumption data to be collected. This data is collected at an instance of every minute. The following information is gathered.

The device is GSM based, performs metering with class 0.1 accuracy and can be installed at multiple points as depicted of fig 1.

Use case example

Fig 1. Multiple application points


Gateways that support edge computing

Based on this information a monthly report can be generated that has the following.

Benefits of this system

This system offers the customer with a variety of benefits including but not limited to

This solution can be utilized in two ways

  1. Short term where the monitoring gadget is installed, a study is done for one or two months and a report is presented and the monitoring device is uninstalled.
  2. Long term where the product is permanently installed and electrical energy is monitored throughout.
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