Vehicle speed limiter

This product is a transducer based, data transmitting digital speed govenor that is compatible with all kinds of trucks, busess, private cars and matatus. With this device, data can be stored internally for a period of 72hrs. Also the global position of the vehicle can be found as latitude and longitude data is availed. more

Tracking and fleet management systems

Having designed Vehicle tracking systems in the past we are proficient in designing telematic tracking systems that are customised.



Energy Metering

We have a unique product that can help offer electrical energy audit services. The electrical energy logger which when installed in a customer’s premises allows energy consumption data to be collected. This data is collected at an instance of every minute. The following information is gathered Energy consumption Kwhr, Power consumption active and reactive, Line voltage levels, Current, Power factor The device is GSM based, performs metering with class 0.1 accuracy and can be installed at multiple points read more

Lectrobell Automated Electronic Bell

Lectrobell is an innovative automated electronic bell from Lectrotel Microsystems Ltd . It addresses the monotonous ringing of the manual bell and the electric bell that has to be pressed every time. Using a computer software, Lectrobell can be configured to ring at certain times in the day throughout the whole week. It is robust and highly reliable

  1. The memory can hold upto 21 alarms per day, for each day of the week.
  2. Features an easy to use computer software for configuring the alarm schedule.
  3. Battery backup so that it can work when there is no electricity.
  4. Has diverse ringtones that can be configured for different alarms.
  5. Emergency alarm button.
lerctobell image