Electronic Circuit design

We design the circuit and the printed circuit board (PCB). This knowledge and experience enables us to design any piece of hardware. We start with prototypes in breadboards and develop up to the finished market ready products. Some of the projects we undertake have digital, analogue and mixed signal circuits.

Industrial Automation Solutions

We provide custom electroic solutions based on PLCs and sensors that assists in automating processes in the factory or industrial plant. Such Automated solutions improves the efficiency of processes in the indusrtry, process cost reduction and increased production.


Electronic Product development

We develop electronic based hardware from prototypes to market ready products. The process involves electronic circuit and Printed circuit board (PCB) development, Mechanical design, product assembly, testing, product support and hardware & software upgrades when needed.

Firmware / Embedded systems development

We develop customized firmware to be used in embedded devices using either C, C++, Python or assembly programming languages. Additionally, we have experience in working on arduino, ARM Cortex microcontrollers such as NXP, Freescale, Atmel and ST,PIC microcontrollers,Raspberry Pi e.t.c.


IOT solutions

Most of our products and tasks competed are IoT based ranging from speed limiters with GPS tracking and online vehicle monitoring to enviromental monitoring devices all connected to the cloud. This has enabled us to acquire experience in providing IoT solutions. Solutions that we provide include: Server front end design, Server side design and development, Scalable database design, Data communication and secutrity, Cloud based infrastructure setup.

Product Manufacturing

We offer Electronic product manufacturing services for small to medium scale batches. With a good experience in sourcing, PCB assembly, Mechanical assembly and quality assurance we can comfortably do mass production runs. Mass production entails the following: Electronic and Mechanical Component sourcing, PCB making and PCB assembly, Mechanical Assembly, Product testing, Hardware validation, functional test and Mechanical test.


3D Printing

Using mechanical design software, we are able to develop suitable enclosures for your pcb. Adittionally, a solid prototype model of the design made from additive manufacturing technology is availed.