Water Metering

We are specialised in the design and installation of smart prepaid water meters that allows for better water consumption management. Our solution allows for analysis of water consumption trends over a given period. With water metering, we are able to establish the presence of leaks existing in the piping system. Convectionally, water supply enities had to position the meters where they could easily access them in order to prepare relevant bills. Our solution enables the meter to be positioned at the customers convinience. We do customize water metering to suit your requirement.

Prepaid Option

Lectrotel Microsystems® offers payment solutions to prepaid water metering systems for residential and business premises. Prepaid metering systems protects service provider`s revenue by eliminating possibilities of losses due to non payments of bills by difficult extant tenants or due to bad debts arising from tenancy changes. Nowadays, tenancy occupancies change much often. And with the change, comes challenges of settling accrued bills if the tenants leave without settling pending post paid water bills. The prepaid water metering methodology eliminates possibilities of non bill payments and revenue loss. Water consumption is based on advance payments that allows drawing of a definite water volume. When the water volume bought will be used up, the water flow is closed by the valve.The setup consists of a back-end online Software Program that manages token purchase and accounting system. Lectrotel Microsystems® offers a more convenient mobile application platform for metering and billing transactions.


Key Features

  1. Mpesa payment option
  2. Token vending via SMS, online web platform or using a mobile app.
  3. System management with the possibility to adjust tariffs, manage billing, managing transactional records and account management.